We concentrate on vaccines, and have a focus on major innovative vaccines. with independent. intellectual property rights
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      The headquarters of Jiangsu Rec-Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in the Taizhou Medical New and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, and is a merger between Jiangsu Rec-Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Abzymo Biosciences Co., Ltd. Our main business is vaccines, and we focus on major innovative vaccines with independent intellectual property rights. We have also established ourselves as a leading enterprise in sub-fields by concentrating our resources on genetically engineered vaccines for significant disease burdens, especially the novel adjuvanted vaccines.

  Through the hard work in the early stage, RecBio has already developed multiple product lines with market capacity of tens of billions represented by HPV vaccines series, herpes zoster vaccines, and recombinant COVID-19 vaccines at different stages of industrialization. Many follow-up innovation platforms and series of products are also gradually being developed. In the next five years, these products will be brought to the market, for the betterment of human health.


  Following the A round of financing of RMB 500 million that ended in January 2019, RecBio completed B round financing in November 2020, raising over USD 100 million. This round of financing was a joint investment by renowned venture capital institutions inside and outside of China, including Legend Capital, LYFE Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Vertex Ventures, Haitong Capital, Co-Stone Capital, YuanBio Venture Capital, Qing Song Capital, and Everbright Limited. Oriental Fortune Capital, Fer-capital Investment, and a fund under Zhiming Investment, which were investors from the previous round of financing, also committed investments, jointly promoting RecBio's strategic development objective of total value creation driven by R&D.



The team at RecBio is a collective driven by our mission and vision, and united by our values.

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