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Jiangsu Rec-Biotechnology has vaccines represented by recombinant COVID-19 vaccine, HPV vaccine series, and herpes zoster virus vaccine
Multiple product lines with market capacity of tens of billions are at different stages of industrialization, and many subsequent innovation platforms and product series are planned to be gradually developed.
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Recombinant COVID-19 vaccine

With great care and support of Taizhou Pharmaceutical Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu CDC and Jiangsu RecBio formed a joint research team for the COVID-19 vaccine led by Professor Zhu Fengcai. Relying on the world-class protein engineering and new adjuvant innovative R & D technology platform, we have made every effort to develop innovative COVID-19 vaccines significantly superior to those of other technical routes in terms of safety, efficacy and accessibility, providing the optimal vaccine solution for curbing the pandemic worldwide.
Project Advantage 1: The vaccine adopts the cutting-edge vaccine design concept. ReCOV, the recombinant two-component COVID-19 vaccine (CHO cell) adopts the advanced neutralizing antibody-guided and structure-based vaccine design concept invented by Professor Zhu Fengcai. Compared with RBD single-domain vaccine, it can induce a stronger and wider neutralizing antibody response. Compared with whole virus inactivated vaccine or S full-length protein vaccine, it can make the immune resources more focused and reduce the ADE risk caused by non-neutralizing antibody.
Project advantage 2: World-leading immunization effect. Relying on the international advanced protein engineering and new adjuvant technology platform, 22 antigen designs and 6 vaccine adjuvants were combined and optimized. By comprehensively considering the clinical safety, animal immunogenicity, manufacturing costs, production process scale-up and transfer difficulty, quality controllability, and other indicators, the optimal antigen adjuvant combination was determined after screening and evaluation by a large number of animal experiments. It adopts a CHO cell expression system that represents the highest standard in the pharmaceutical industry, which is closer to the natural conformation. Compared with the conventional aluminum adjuvant, the BFA03 adjuvant used by the ReCOV vaccine can significantly enhance its immunogenicity. The neutralizing antibodies induced by ReCOV in the rhesus monkey model (based on the cytopathic assay) are significantly better (20-30 times) than those induced by inactivated vaccines and also significantly better than those induced by other types of vaccines with published data.
Project advantage 3: Optimal safety. The ReCOV recombinant COVID-19 vaccine adopts highly purified protein antigen expressed in CHO cells and the adjuvant system that was approved for marketing abroad and validated for immunization of large population. It eliminates the biosafety risks during the production of inactivated virus and avoids the great side effects of other technical routes shown in the clinical trials.
Project advantage 4: The production capacity can be quickly expanded. The ReCOV recombinant COVID-19 vaccine adopts a disposable bioreactor suspension culture process, which is compatible with the most common process and equipment in the biomedical industry at present and can rapidly realize process transfer. In case of epidemic emergency, other monoclonal antibody pharmaceutical enterprises and almost all domestic and foreign CDMO enterprises can be entrusted to rapidly realize process transfer and production capacity expansion. The production capacity of Taizhou city can basically meet the national vaccination needs, and the production capacity of the Jiangsu province can basically meet the worldwide vaccination needs.
Project advantage 5: Minimal production cost. ReCOV uses CHO cell recombinant protein technical route to manufacture antigen, entrusts WuXi Biologics for cell line screening and process development, and combines the BFA03 adjuvant produced by RecBio The direct manufacturing cost is only 1/10 to 1/5 of that of other technical routes.
Project advantage 6: High international recognition. The design concept of two-component COVID-19 vaccine is advanced, and the comprehensive performance is world-leading. The antigen uses lyophilized formulation, with sound adjuvant stability. The vaccine can be stored and transported at room temperature for more than one month, which is very suitable for tropical and underdeveloped regions. It is more popular internationally than other vaccines under development.
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